• Where Can I Install Artificial Grass?

    Artificial grass can be laid on hard surfaces such as driveways, balconies, roof terraces, outside offices, around caravans, pathways and commercial areas. The backing allows it to be practically applied anywhere providing the foundation that it is going on is firm.

    In addition it can easily be installed to replace your existing lawn, provided that you prepare the ground suitably beforehand.

  • How Much Grass Will I Need?

    Your area can be worked out on squared graph paper to form an accurate plan. Most products from Direct Artificial Grass are available in 2m (6ft 6″) & 4m (13ft) widths. When measuring the area for your grass, please remember that the pile direction MUST always run the same way. Draw a plan of the area on graph paper, then measure the area. Plot the sizes on the plan and work out the sizes you will require. You may need 2 or more pieces of artificial grass to cover the area; in this case you will need to join the product.


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